How to bet on eSports in bookmakers

In principle, bets on eSports are not very different from the usual sports bets that we used to do in bookmaker offices. However, in these types of bets there are quite a few pitfalls and features that you need to know before you put your hard-earned money on them.

E-sports bets on favorites or favorites
Quite often, players bet on the team with which they are familiar in reality, or put them on them last time and won. So do not need to. Put on their pets even if the coefficient in their favor is not necessary. As in football and other sports, such bets made on emotions will interfere rather than bring real benefits.

E-sports bets without experience
Quite often, inexperienced betters, looking at a sportsbook on eSports, decide to bet just like that, without even knowing the game itself. If you don’t understand anything in Dota 2 or Counter Strike, don’t bet on these games. If you, for example, passed “Starcraft”, then you can safely bet on such a game in a bookmaker office, since you at least understand the meaning of what is happening in the game.

Do not believe the “sources on the forum”

Various forums are filled with so-called “sofa experts” who will notify you of a match-up free of charge or tell you detailed information about each of the teams in e-sports. Do not listen to them, as experienced players bet on e-sports, only based on their own experience. And if some players want to hold a contractual match, then they will not tell anyone exactly about it, and will not talk about it on the forum.

Need more information.

Before you make a bet on eSports, you need to get as much information about the teams as possible. For example, when betting on “Dota 2” you need to find out how many years each member of the team has. And of course, you should definitely look at the detailed statistics of wins and losses of teams, in general, and players in particular. Also note the maps where the games were played. The more different information you can collect, the more confident you can bet!

Rest between the stakes

After a series of winnings or losses, the brain begins to lose criticality. When you win, you will feel that you are invincible, and when you lose, you are just about lucky. Bets on eSports is a very demanding job, requiring huge brain resources. These rates should be approached only with a fresh head. In addition, there are enough betting on eSports in bookmakers, because there is always a game for betting!

Types of e-sports bets
In eSports, as in any other sport there are bets on the winner. And no matter what kind of game “Dota 2”, “Counter Strike” or “League of Legends” is, the winner is determined by the results of several rounds. In the bookmakers can be put on the outcome of each of the rounds, and the overall result of the meeting.

Specific e-sports bets on MOBA games
In some games: “Dota 2”, “Smite”, “League of Legends” or other MOBA games can be put on a special type of betting.

First blood. Very popular bet on the first blood. The player will have to guess which team will kill the enemy hero first. The advantage of this type of bet is its quickness, since the first hero in the game is killed pretty quickly.

Even / odd kilos. In this type of betting, the bookmaker player needs to guess whether the final number of kills in the game is an even number, or odd. Experienced betters do not bet on this, considering this bet as an ordinary random, which cannot be foreseen by match analysis.

The first 10 kills. Pretty simple bet, which is a bit like the “first blood”. Here you need to guess which team will commit the first 10 murders. So, in fact, this rate can be called the 10th blood. She is quite interesting and holds in suspense, we would not advise to avoid it. With a sufficiently detailed analysis of rivals to predict the result is quite realistic.

E-sports bets on “shooters”
Recently, “shooters” in eSports are experiencing not the best time. Actively put now only on “Counter Strike”, and on older games there is only an outcome to win one or another team.

Options for bets on eSports in “CS” and “CS GO”:
Total Kills This bet is similar to outcomes for football matches, only guessing here is not the number of goals, but the number of kills in a certain round. Anyone who likes to bet on total sportsbook bookmakers will definitely appreciate the total in eSports.

Pistol round winner. For those who do not know, I will explain that the teams in Counter Strike start the game completely without money and without weapons themselves. The maximum that they can count on is pistols. This bet is not random, as many top teams specially train the game on pistols at their leisure.

The number of rounds. Even or odd. This bet is on the number of rounds. Or rather, whether the number of rounds is even or odd.

How to bet on sports in bookmakers and achieve success

A lot of players ignore such a thing as a bet value. They argue that you can safely bet on a factor of 1.30 on the favorite and always win. This is not true. Those players who calculate its value, earn quite well. You need to understand the value of each bet.

Numbers game and math
Many players make bets using intuition or providence. Yes, sometimes it brings income. However, in the long run, a quality strategy is needed. In addition, an experienced better will easily convert the odds into probability. Without simple mathematics in the rates just can not do.

Understand how coefficients are set
It is important to understand that the coefficients are set by bookmakers for a reason. As a rule, they reflect their expectations from the stakes of people for this match. Usually bookmakers try to set quotes so that people bet on both outcomes. Thus, the bookmaker office in any case will receive income, at least from the commission. Experienced players often find a profit at the event where others only lose. Most of all they earn on the event, which received a great response from random players who do not adhere to any strategy. These are usually Super Bowl matches, final races, etc.

Pay attention to the downturn teams
Professionals are advised to pay attention to the teams that are experiencing a decline in their game. The thing is that after several unsuccessful matches, the players stop betting on this team and it quickly loses the interest of the bookmakers. The odds per team increase and the value of the bet on it rises. This is a bit contrary to logic, but also a good betting strategy.

No need to dwell on victories and losses
If you have a losing streak, get rid of it. Believe that luck will come. Keep using your strategy and victories will start soon. Also, after a series of victories do not need to fall into euphoria and consider yourself an expert in betting. Always soberly assess your capabilities and analyze each match.

There will be no big winnings
The first desire of each player is to make huge money on bets. Sometimes handicap, express and multi-bet offer a lot of money. However, you need to understand when to bet, and when to abstain. If the player has not conducted a detailed analysis and has not figured out the true value of the bet, then this can lead to a real collapse and zeroing of the bankroll. If you managed to correctly calculate the value of each event in the express, then the winnings will not take long.

Long-term perspective
Everyone wants to get rich immediately, but usually these dreams are not quickly realized. Try to think about the long term. Gradually increase your bankroll, increase the size of the bet. After a while, you will see your bank increase. Do not play for the sake of interest, so you can not earn anything. You invest your real money in the stakes, which means there can be no interest game.

Reasonable bankroll size
If you want to have income from the rates, you need to think about the size of your capital. If you want to bet an average of 1 dollar, then your capital should be at the level of 50 dollars. If you are going to invest 2,000 euros, then the amount of the average rate should be no more than 40 euros. With a reasonable strategy, a capital of 1000 euros can give a good income. So, at 200 rates per year with a ratio of 1.90 and a 54 per cent passability, it is possible to determine an income of 100 euros per year thanks to the Kelly strategy. But this is only at 200 rates, and if you make them 400 with an average profit of 5 percent. Then your income will grow by leaps and bounds and for the year will amount to 400 euros. If you count, in 5 years he will be able to make 5,000 euros.

How to choose a bookmaker for sports betting
For maximum income from each bet and determine its value, you need to have high coefficients. If you cooperate with only one bookmaker’s office, then your opportunities are limited only by its coefficients. Experienced players are advised to work with 6 offices and compare the coefficients set by them. Let them be at least two, and you can already compare the coefficients.

Some bookmakers sometimes impose restrictions on players, but there are those who welcome long-term betters. If in one office the coefficient for the victory of the conditional Real over Betis is 1.45, then in the other office it may be 1.55. And this is important. Players need to tack between offices, choosing high odds.

Which sport is more profitable to bet on?

Sports betting will be profitable if the player approaches this issue wisely and will not be limited only by strategy and odds. An important factor in which they will act is the correctly chosen sport. Each sport has its own index of wins in betting games. Paying attention to this condition, you can determine the best types of sports betting.

The best sport
Many beginners wonder what sport is better to bet on. But, in fact, the most winning sport does not exist. Victory rates for individual sports are slightly different. But this is largely due to the preparation of the players themselves and the mass of individual factors. That is why in the bookmakers there is a whole staff of professionals who calculate the probability of victories and defeats in a particular game.

Carrying out similar analytical work on the whole sport is almost impossible. But, even if it is held, depending on the training of athletes, retirement and a break, the emergence of new players, and a number of other conditions, the indicator will change. Some assume that it is more profitable to bet on single sports because it is easier to calculate a favorite in them. But this is also a mistake.

If a player is injured in a single sport, the situation will change dramatically. In this case, the conducted analytical work will be useless. In a team sport, the injury of one player will not significantly affect the level of the whole team, since it can be replaced.

Mistakes and Errors
The list of the main mistakes made by inexperienced betting players is the lack of consideration of weather conditions and individual abilities of athletes. The probability of the outcome of the game can change drastically if it snows or rains.

In addition, some players can navigate well in difficult weather conditions, while others – poorly. For this reason, the ratio of advantages and disadvantages may be the exact opposite.

Another misconception is that a sport with two outcomes will allow you to guess a victory better than a sport in which there are different options for ending the competition. An example is a tennis match, which may end in victory or defeat, and a football match with the presence of draws. But in football bets it is assumed a handicap game that levels this advantage.

Experts give some tips that will help you earn in sports betting:

make bets in popular sports;
make bets in the form of sports, about which there is knowledge and information;
select a circle of specific tournaments.
The more popular the sport, the higher the amount of winning in it. Therefore, it is better to give preference to well-known events in the sport, than games at low coefficients. In addition, under such conditions it is easier to determine the possible winner.

One of the main factors for successful profit at rates is your own knowledge. They allow you to independently collect statistics, analyze, and make assumptions about the likely winner.

Instead of choosing several sports and trying to decide which sport is best for betting, you should limit yourself to specific tournaments. After a certain period, you can sort them out and make complex bets, ensuring a stable income.

There is no better betting sport. You should make a choice depending on your own training and knowledge, as well as the conditions of a particular game. In this probability of winning is higher than when choosing a particular sport

Cand knowledge, as well as the conditions of a particular game. In this probability of winning is higher than when choosing a particular sport.

Best betting strategies

The main problem for beginners is to bet on sports without a strategy. There are a large number of techniques, each of which has both negative and positive sides. Experts recommend using different sports betting strategies to choose the one that best suits you.

Dalamber system
The author of the system is a famous scientist, in whose honor she was named. The strategy is based on an algebraic progression. The first bet amount is denoted per unit. After each loss, you should raise the rate for this amount. So you need to do before winning. After winning the bet amount is reduced by a previously fixed unit. The system is most effective in football matches that end in a draw.

Counter-dalamber strategy
The system is based on a previous football betting strategy. But when using it, reverse tactics are used. The first bet is also fixed as a unit. In case of winning the bet amount is increased by one. After losing the bet should be lowered by one. As with the previous technique, the strategy is effective when betting on teams whose matches will most often end in a draw.

D’Alembert and Counter-Dalamber systems are dangerous, since long-term losses will not make a profit. But, if a person is able to calculate the necessary command using statistical data, these techniques will help to quickly enrich themselves.

Danish system
This system can be described as an improved Dalamber strategy. As before, the first bet amount is taken per unit, and after each loss it rises. But now along with it the coefficient rises in the same way. Due to this, you can make a profit even after a series of losses. At the same time, the risk of remaining in the red is much lower than with the standard d’Alembert strategy. Using the system in football, you need to put on favorites.

Martingale Technique
The Martingale technique is one of the most popular. It differs in availability, simplicity and efficiency. Using the system, after each loss the bet amount must be doubled. The coefficient also increases. After winning, you must return to the original bet and odds. The strategy will make a profit even after a long loss. But to use it, you should have great financial opportunities.

Miller’s strategy
The author of the strategy proved its effectiveness by example. Using his own system, he was able to get rich. It is based on the theory of probability created by the researcher. The available amount must be divided into one hundred parts. The rate can not be changed until the initial amount of capital does not increase by 25%. After that it can be increased by the same number. Strategy is effective in games where there can be either a victory or a loss.

+60 system
The essence of the system is to increase the rate by 60% in case of loss. The ratio should not be below 1.7%. The system will be profitable, provided that the player does not allow 5 losses in a row. According to statistics, the probability of such an outcome is minimal, so the strategy is much more effective than it seems at first glance. The advantage of the minimum risk betting strategy is that it is equally suitable for both beginners and professionals.

A win-win betting strategy does not exist. But you can increase the efficiency of almost any system by developing your own analytical data. You can also use combined schemes.

also increases. After winning, you must return to the original bet and odds. The strategy will make a profit even after a long loss. But to use it, you should have great financial opportunities.

Football betting rules

Football betting is one of the most common types of earnings on the Internet. This feature is due to the popularity of football itself. This sport has millions of fans around the world, which resulted in the emergence of a whole system of earnings at the stakes. If you decide to use it in order to increase capital, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of football betting in advance.

Bookmaker’s office
It should be borne in mind that the main goal pursued by the bookmaker is to secure a profit. It depends on how many players use a particular service. It should be understood that the interests of the players are not in the first place for the bookmaker. But if you find an office that provides a good line for football, the probability of making money with sports betting is much higher.

In football betting it is not recommended to use the services of betting structures that offer low odds. With long distances, the player will lose more than win.

Football is not a sport in which you can bet “at random”. It is necessary not only to know and understand football, but also to be able to analyze information. If you have superficial knowledge, you should not count on profit.

Analytics should relate not only to the ability of the team to win, but also to the bookmakers. The player must find out in advance in which organization it will be more profitable for him to place a bet. Before the match should examine several sources, not one.

Choosing a betting strategy
One of the most common mistakes among sports betting players is the lack of a strategy. Properly chosen strategy will increase the probability of winning. The most effective football betting strategies:

Oscar Grind;
tank attack;
Strategies are aimed at saving the bank in case of failure. With their help, you can track several teams at once determining their chances in the game. If you have a strategy, you can not worry about losing, even if you make a sport bet with high coefficients.

Own forecast
To create a unique forecast, you must have experience in this field. But even experienced players neglect these factors. Many eminent scientists were able to enrich themselves by creating their own betting strategy. A prime example is J. Miller, who earned capital on his own sports betting scheme. Having created your football prediction, you can gain an advantage over other players.

To make money using sports betting, you need to be able to control emotions. Due to the loss, players who cannot control their emotions move away from the chosen strategy, and soon lose their bank. Even the most effective strategy cannot guarantee the absence of losses. One should be able not to be distracted by them, continuing to act according to the outlined scheme in case of failure.

This factor does not take into account not only inexperienced players, but also many professionals. Adverse weather conditions can lead to the defeat of even a clear favorite. Before the match, you need to find out what the weather is expected, then review previous games, and analyze how it affects the playing teams. Due to this, unexpected turns in the match can be foreseen, and a more accurate prediction of the match can be made than other participants.

It is necessary to take into account that even using the help of analysts, the winning coefficient will not exceed 75%. Therefore, it is important not to lose faith in your strength in case of loss. Defeat is an opportunity to analyze an error and not to allow it in the future.

will not exceed 75%. Therefore, it is important not to lose faith in your strength in case of loss. Defeat is an opportunity to analyze an error and not to allow it in the future.

How to win in sports betting in bookmakers?

To date, sports betting has become a real opportunity to provide a permanent income. But for this you need to take into account a number of conditions, one of which is the correct choice of bookmaker office. These organizations do not guarantee victory in sports betting. But they provide players with security, and consistently make payments in case of victory.

How does a bookmaker

To understand how to turn the cooperation with the bookmaker office in your favor, you need to figure out what it represents. This structure acts as an intermediary. It provides customers with a wide range of sporting events for which they can bet on sports online. For this bookmaker takes a certain percentage. Usually this indicator is no more than 5% of the rate.

Bookmakers have the right to adjust the coefficient, which allows them to secure additional earnings. Professional players in sports betting understand what sports events are popular. Bookmakers also have this information. In order to keep their own profits, they lower the coefficient regarding the event or its result.

Keep in mind that the bookmaker will not work at a loss. It provides customers with opportunities, including a free forecast, taking advantage of it. But some offices create conditions in which the client’s income will be minimal, thereby taking all the profits for themselves. Therefore, before building an earnings strategy in sports betting, you must not only choose the right bookmaker office, but also know how to beat it.

Be prepared to lose
The bookmaker office can not be beat with an insufficient amount of money. It is necessary to allocate the amount that does not affect the financial situation in case of its loss. At first, you need to make minimal sports bets. Offices usually do not attach importance to them. This will help to understand the game, as well as give information about the work of the bookmaker. Such a system allows:

track in which cases it underestimates the coefficient, and when it overstates;
what percentage of it moves away from customer rates;
how much his actions affect clients’ income.
After that, it will become clear whether it is profitable to work with a bookmaker office, or whether another should be found.

After that, it will become clear whether it is profitable to work with a bookmaker office, or whether another should be found.

Keep your own statistics

As mentioned earlier, bookmakers, if necessary, underestimate the ratio, ensuring a profit. In other cases, it is on the contrary overestimated to attract the attention of players. This system is designed for beginners who do not understand bookmaker schemes. To understand how to turn this in their favor, you need to keep your own statistics.

With its help, you can develop your own system by defining:

which popular events betting should not do;
what little-known matches to choose for the stakes;
when the bookmaker plays the most against the client.
Some bookmakers provide open statistics themselves. But keeping your own statistics is a more effective way to determine when to bid, so as not to be deceived.

Additional tips
To beat the bookmaker is easier than it seems at first glance. For this you need:

Before the game, carefully study the rules provided by the bookmaker (in case of an error, the lost money will not be refunded);
to bid only in the kind of sport, knowledge of which is at a professional level;
follow the news of the sport, and not rely on the bookmaker match prediction.
Professional players rarely use express bets, as the probability of winning them is low. The most reliable types of bets are the “single-handed”, which is extremely difficult to influence on outsiders.

What are bonuses in bookmakers, and how to get them?

Sports betting has ceased to be something special, and has long been turned into a way of earning. There are hundreds of bookmakers, offering the opportunity to bet on almost any sporting event. Due to the great competition, many offices have introduced such a function as “bonuses in BC”. It exists to attract attention, but it should not be ignored, since there is still a benefit to the player in this function.

What is a bonus in a bookmaker
The bonus in the bookmaker is a reward that is purposefully created for the benefit of the players. For the bookmaker, the bonus is a part of the marketing action, and for the player – the opportunity to get additional benefits for yourself. Due to its presence, the bookmaker gets new customers, and players – more favorable conditions for its use. When this bonus can take advantage of any player, regardless of experience.

Such incentives do not have a dirty trick, and do not pose any danger to the player. But before receiving them, you need to carefully read what conditions the player must fulfill. For the bookmaker is not profitable to spend their own funds on customers who can at any time go to another organization. Therefore, just like that, without your own benefit, the bookmakers will not receive bonuses.

What conditions must the player fulfill in order to receive the bonus
It should be understood, the more profitable the bonus, the less favorable its conditions will be. In the list of the most common conditions for receiving a bonus are:

the need to make several bets in a row (the probability that a player will be able to win all of them is extremely small, due to which the bookmaker will refund the money spent on the bonus);
the need to put a specific amount (in this case, the player has more chances to win, but if it does not happen, the office will remain in a big plus);
the need to make bets on football or another sport with a specific coefficient (this indicator is obviously calculated so as to exclude damage to the bookmaker for any outcome);
the need to make a bonus bet on specific events (this condition is rarely encountered);
the need to make several bets with a certain coefficient (in this case it is also calculated in advance which values ​​will not constitute a danger to the office).
By giving a bonus, the bookmaker loses nothing. Players also have the opportunity to increase their income.

Types of bonuses
Not all bonuses are related to remittances to the player’s account. Many of them are provided in the form of additional benefits that the customer receives by betting. The list of the most popular types of bonus consists of:

cash bonus – in most cases, it is offered to new players upon registration (usually the bonus amount depends on the deposit amount);
money-back (refund) – return of money lost during a loss;
Freebet is a bonus in the form of a virtual amount that can only be spent on online sports bets.
Not all offices provide bonuses to players. Usually they can be found at popular bookmakers with a large customer audience. Such organizations can afford to provide the player with a large bonus without harming themselves.

use bonuses only if they are offered by little-known offices under questionable conditions. But in this case, you should first check the bookmaker’s reputation, before betting.

Differences between the bookmaker and the tote

Earn, betting on sports, in several ways. The main ones are the use of bookmakers and betting. These sites have both similar features and differences. Next, we will understand what the difference between the bookmaker office and the tote, and what is best for earnings.

What is a tote
 The tote arose long before the bookmakers. This method of making money in sports betting was used in the Roman Empire. At that time only wealthy people could afford it.

In our time, it has turned into a platform in which a raffle of money raised by its participants is held. The game is based on a specific sports match. All the money put by the participants is formed into a common con, divided after the end of the game between private traders who have guessed the results. In addition, each of them receives the same amount. Those who lost are left with nothing.

The tote is characterized by the absence of:

information about sports matches;
In order not to lose all the stakes on sports betting online or in real money, you should take part in several games at once.

The main differences
Bookmakers appeared on the basis of betting. In them, the game is also based on a certain sports match. But unlike betting, odds are provided in bookmakers. They are calculated in advance, after which they are offered to players. The coefficient is individual for each sports match, and may vary depending on how it proceeds.

Another difference is that the official bookmakers allow participants to determine in advance the amount of winnings. This condition was also possible due to the coefficient – it is multiplied by the amount of the bet that the player used, after which the result is given. In the sweepstakes it is impossible to know, because before sharing the winnings between the winners, the game organizer takes his commission.

The more options offered by sites of bookmakers, the higher their status is considered. The tote makes it impossible to make live bets to increase the players’ chances of winning, while in the bookmakers this opportunity is available.

Different ways of earning and organizers sites:

The basic salary of the organizer of the tote is a commission on the amount that must be divided between the winners;
the bookmaker’s earnings are the margin determined when the coefficient is set.
If, when using a bookmaker’s office, there is an opportunity to replay the bookmaker, then this is impossible in the sweepstakes – a certain commission will be deducted, which the player cannot influence.

And the bookmaker, and tote, suitable for earnings in sports betting. But, if in the sweepstakes a player gets a fixed win, then in bookmaker offices he may differ. Before betting, bookmakers have a number of advantages:

availability of additional bonuses;
wider choice of rates
larger winnings.

In addition, there are more variations of specific bets in bookmakers, for example, which player will score and how many goals, or how many and to whom the judge will give warnings during a football match. If the online bet is profitable, the player receives bonuses.

one of the options for earning on this site. A separate tote, in turn, will not be able to provide betting opportunities.

Why can not listen to the forecasts of sports commentators

One of the major mistakes of newcomers who make bets on sports is to listen to the opinion of sports commentators. For this reason, many young players lose time after time without understanding the cause of the problem. So why the predictions of people watching sports events for many years, can not be taken seriously? Read about it below.

What is the mistake of sports commentators
Sports commentator really has a lot of information. He is aware of:

what are the sports;
who plays in teams;
who trains athletes.
Commentators regularly monitor changes in the sport, because their work depends on it. But this knowledge is not enough to correctly bet on sports online. Worst of all, when sports commentators begin to give tips and predictions regarding betting. The average person watching the world of sports has a better chance of winning at the bookmakers. But this is where its benefits end.

The main mistake of many sports commentators is overconfidence. Such people give predictions with full confidence that they are right, and do not notice their mistakes in case of defeat. Most commentators find absolutely incredible arguments in favor of their mistakes, convincing the audience that their loss is an accident that will not happen again.

What should a player do
Regardless of personal experience, people who are betting on sports express need to limit communication and viewing of sports commentators’ forecasts. Their opinion may influence the decision even unconsciously.

A novice player cannot take into account the commentators’ thoughts on:

team members;
new players;
opportunities coaches.
It should be borne in mind that the words of the sports commentator are just a subjective opinion.

There is another type of sports commentators – people who specifically give incorrect predictions. Such specialists are hired by fraudulent bookmakers to mislead the player. The more customers of this office will be mistaken in the rates, the greater will be its benefit. The main task of such commentators is to collect and retain inexperienced customer base. Determining the forecaster of a swindler can be determined by how much he criticizes the work of other commentators on Internet TV, proving that they are wrong.

It is important for novice players to remember that even the smartest analyst will not be able to give an absolutely accurate prediction of a sporting event. Another’s opinion can only confuse, so you need to rely on your own knowledge. Doing the analysis yourself is quite difficult. It is a painstaking process, time consuming. But he will increase the chances of winning much more efficiently than sports commentators.

First, it is necessary to take into account that sports commentators are competent people, since they do not take up such a position in the absence of such experience. That is why they are so dangerous. Due to media popularity, they can control the opinion of a large number of people, using this feature to their advantage. This does not apply to all commentators, but for the average viewer to identify a fraudster is extremely difficult.

Secondly, the usual commentators almost always make assumptions. Therefore, if their opinion is perceived as true – this is a problem, first of all, not for the commentator, but for the viewer.

Thirdly, sports commentators are often fans who have their favorite athletes and teams. Therefore, their opinion is not always objective.

Why you need to keep records of rates

Keeping an account of your own rates is one of the conditions necessary for stable earnings. Players who monitor and analyze their stakes increase professionalism and probability of winning.

Purpose of accounting
Accounting in sports betting is an action performed by almost all professional players. Beginners, who consider the implementation of this task to be meaningless, are most likely to face a large number of defeats, and will not be able to consistently earn money by betting on sports online.

In each bookmaker office there are experts who record the actions of the players, and the results of their rates. Thereby:

an average percentage of wins and losses is compiled, based on which the player’s capabilities are determined;
the preliminary result from the bet made is calculated;
it is calculated how much a player can earn stably by playing sports bets in a bookmaker’s office.
These advantages of record keeping are provided for the players themselves. Statistics show that players fixing all their sports bets are less likely to lose than those who do not. Survey results show that most players refuse to keep statistics due to frequent losses. Thus, in order to reduce the percentage of unsuccessful rates, accounting is mandatory.

How to keep track of sports betting
Modern technologies make it possible to avoid written work by doing automatic calculations on a computer. Excel is the best solution for this purpose.

The data in the table are filled in as follows:

bet number and date are put;
a sporting event is recorded;
indicates a preliminary forecast;
the coefficient and the online interest rate set by the bookmaker are entered;
after the game, the result and the received finances are recorded;
on the basis of all the data, it is determined whether the player remains in the plus or minus after a sporting event.
Many players do not take into account that even after winning, they may remain in the red due to too much margin, which is collected by sites of bookmakers. When playing sports bets, you should calculate in advance what percentage of the margin the bookmaker takes. Official bookmakers rarely charge more than 5%. If the percentage exceeds this indicator, the probability of stable earnings in such an office is extremely small.

In the table you need to keep a record of not only the actions performed, but also the general results based on them. It is necessary to determine how much money is generally used at the bets during the game, how much money was won, and how this changed the total bank. Many inexperienced players choose one strategy, and continue to use it, despite the defeat. If, on the basis of the data compiled, even taking into account the victories, the total bank remains in the red, you should change the strategy.

The Excel spreadsheet is good in that it allows you to set up formulas that will calculate automatically after the introduction of new data. It also provides for the use of filters, through which you can bid by date, and determine how your own results have changed. If the results do not improve for a long time, the approach to sports betting should be changed.

An inexperienced player is quite difficult to independently create a table and keep records of rates. This problem can be solved by downloading a ready-made table on the Internet where you just need to enter your own data. Such tables are freely available. Some of them are tied to a diagram that makes it easier to navigate the results. Here is a sample table of accounting

rates in exel – download. The table will allow you to enter your data yourself and keep records of sports betting.