Differences between the bookmaker and the tote

Earn, betting on sports, in several ways. The main ones are the use of bookmakers and betting. These sites have both similar features and differences. Next, we will understand what the difference between the bookmaker office and the tote, and what is best for earnings.

What is a tote
 The tote arose long before the bookmakers. This method of making money in sports betting was used in the Roman Empire. At that time only wealthy people could afford it.

In our time, it has turned into a platform in which a raffle of money raised by its participants is held. The game is based on a specific sports match. All the money put by the participants is formed into a common con, divided after the end of the game between private traders who have guessed the results. In addition, each of them receives the same amount. Those who lost are left with nothing.

The tote is characterized by the absence of:

information about sports matches;
In order not to lose all the stakes on sports betting online or in real money, you should take part in several games at once.

The main differences
Bookmakers appeared on the basis of betting. In them, the game is also based on a certain sports match. But unlike betting, odds are provided in bookmakers. They are calculated in advance, after which they are offered to players. The coefficient is individual for each sports match, and may vary depending on how it proceeds.

Another difference is that the official bookmakers allow participants to determine in advance the amount of winnings. This condition was also possible due to the coefficient – it is multiplied by the amount of the bet that the player used, after which the result is given. In the sweepstakes it is impossible to know, because before sharing the winnings between the winners, the game organizer takes his commission.

The more options offered by sites of bookmakers, the higher their status is considered. The tote makes it impossible to make live bets to increase the players’ chances of winning, while in the bookmakers this opportunity is available.

Different ways of earning and organizers sites:

The basic salary of the organizer of the tote is a commission on the amount that must be divided between the winners;
the bookmaker’s earnings are the margin determined when the coefficient is set.
If, when using a bookmaker’s office, there is an opportunity to replay the bookmaker, then this is impossible in the sweepstakes – a certain commission will be deducted, which the player cannot influence.

And the bookmaker, and tote, suitable for earnings in sports betting. But, if in the sweepstakes a player gets a fixed win, then in bookmaker offices he may differ. Before betting, bookmakers have a number of advantages:

availability of additional bonuses;
wider choice of rates
larger winnings.

In addition, there are more variations of specific bets in bookmakers, for example, which player will score and how many goals, or how many and to whom the judge will give warnings during a football match. If the online bet is profitable, the player receives bonuses.

one of the options for earning on this site. A separate tote, in turn, will not be able to provide betting opportunities.

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