How to bet on eSports in bookmakers

In principle, bets on eSports are not very different from the usual sports bets that we used to do in bookmaker offices. However, in these types of bets there are quite a few pitfalls and features that you need to know before you put your hard-earned money on them.

E-sports bets on favorites or favorites
Quite often, players bet on the team with which they are familiar in reality, or put them on them last time and won. So do not need to. Put on their pets even if the coefficient in their favor is not necessary. As in football and other sports, such bets made on emotions will interfere rather than bring real benefits.

E-sports bets without experience
Quite often, inexperienced betters, looking at a sportsbook on eSports, decide to bet just like that, without even knowing the game itself. If you don’t understand anything in Dota 2 or Counter Strike, don’t bet on these games. If you, for example, passed “Starcraft”, then you can safely bet on such a game in a bookmaker office, since you at least understand the meaning of what is happening in the game.

Do not believe the “sources on the forum”

Various forums are filled with so-called “sofa experts” who will notify you of a match-up free of charge or tell you detailed information about each of the teams in e-sports. Do not listen to them, as experienced players bet on e-sports, only based on their own experience. And if some players want to hold a contractual match, then they will not tell anyone exactly about it, and will not talk about it on the forum.

Need more information.

Before you make a bet on eSports, you need to get as much information about the teams as possible. For example, when betting on “Dota 2” you need to find out how many years each member of the team has. And of course, you should definitely look at the detailed statistics of wins and losses of teams, in general, and players in particular. Also note the maps where the games were played. The more different information you can collect, the more confident you can bet!

Rest between the stakes

After a series of winnings or losses, the brain begins to lose criticality. When you win, you will feel that you are invincible, and when you lose, you are just about lucky. Bets on eSports is a very demanding job, requiring huge brain resources. These rates should be approached only with a fresh head. In addition, there are enough betting on eSports in bookmakers, because there is always a game for betting!

Types of e-sports bets
In eSports, as in any other sport there are bets on the winner. And no matter what kind of game “Dota 2”, “Counter Strike” or “League of Legends” is, the winner is determined by the results of several rounds. In the bookmakers can be put on the outcome of each of the rounds, and the overall result of the meeting.

Specific e-sports bets on MOBA games
In some games: “Dota 2”, “Smite”, “League of Legends” or other MOBA games can be put on a special type of betting.

First blood. Very popular bet on the first blood. The player will have to guess which team will kill the enemy hero first. The advantage of this type of bet is its quickness, since the first hero in the game is killed pretty quickly.

Even / odd kilos. In this type of betting, the bookmaker player needs to guess whether the final number of kills in the game is an even number, or odd. Experienced betters do not bet on this, considering this bet as an ordinary random, which cannot be foreseen by match analysis.

The first 10 kills. Pretty simple bet, which is a bit like the “first blood”. Here you need to guess which team will commit the first 10 murders. So, in fact, this rate can be called the 10th blood. She is quite interesting and holds in suspense, we would not advise to avoid it. With a sufficiently detailed analysis of rivals to predict the result is quite realistic.

E-sports bets on “shooters”
Recently, “shooters” in eSports are experiencing not the best time. Actively put now only on “Counter Strike”, and on older games there is only an outcome to win one or another team.

Options for bets on eSports in “CS” and “CS GO”:
Total Kills This bet is similar to outcomes for football matches, only guessing here is not the number of goals, but the number of kills in a certain round. Anyone who likes to bet on total sportsbook bookmakers will definitely appreciate the total in eSports.

Pistol round winner. For those who do not know, I will explain that the teams in Counter Strike start the game completely without money and without weapons themselves. The maximum that they can count on is pistols. This bet is not random, as many top teams specially train the game on pistols at their leisure.

The number of rounds. Even or odd. This bet is on the number of rounds. Or rather, whether the number of rounds is even or odd.

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