How to bet on sports in bookmakers and achieve success

A lot of players ignore such a thing as a bet value. They argue that you can safely bet on a factor of 1.30 on the favorite and always win. This is not true. Those players who calculate its value, earn quite well. You need to understand the value of each bet.

Numbers game and math
Many players make bets using intuition or providence. Yes, sometimes it brings income. However, in the long run, a quality strategy is needed. In addition, an experienced better will easily convert the odds into probability. Without simple mathematics in the rates just can not do.

Understand how coefficients are set
It is important to understand that the coefficients are set by bookmakers for a reason. As a rule, they reflect their expectations from the stakes of people for this match. Usually bookmakers try to set quotes so that people bet on both outcomes. Thus, the bookmaker office in any case will receive income, at least from the commission. Experienced players often find a profit at the event where others only lose. Most of all they earn on the event, which received a great response from random players who do not adhere to any strategy. These are usually Super Bowl matches, final races, etc.

Pay attention to the downturn teams
Professionals are advised to pay attention to the teams that are experiencing a decline in their game. The thing is that after several unsuccessful matches, the players stop betting on this team and it quickly loses the interest of the bookmakers. The odds per team increase and the value of the bet on it rises. This is a bit contrary to logic, but also a good betting strategy.

No need to dwell on victories and losses
If you have a losing streak, get rid of it. Believe that luck will come. Keep using your strategy and victories will start soon. Also, after a series of victories do not need to fall into euphoria and consider yourself an expert in betting. Always soberly assess your capabilities and analyze each match.

There will be no big winnings
The first desire of each player is to make huge money on bets. Sometimes handicap, express and multi-bet offer a lot of money. However, you need to understand when to bet, and when to abstain. If the player has not conducted a detailed analysis and has not figured out the true value of the bet, then this can lead to a real collapse and zeroing of the bankroll. If you managed to correctly calculate the value of each event in the express, then the winnings will not take long.

Long-term perspective
Everyone wants to get rich immediately, but usually these dreams are not quickly realized. Try to think about the long term. Gradually increase your bankroll, increase the size of the bet. After a while, you will see your bank increase. Do not play for the sake of interest, so you can not earn anything. You invest your real money in the stakes, which means there can be no interest game.

Reasonable bankroll size
If you want to have income from the rates, you need to think about the size of your capital. If you want to bet an average of 1 dollar, then your capital should be at the level of 50 dollars. If you are going to invest 2,000 euros, then the amount of the average rate should be no more than 40 euros. With a reasonable strategy, a capital of 1000 euros can give a good income. So, at 200 rates per year with a ratio of 1.90 and a 54 per cent passability, it is possible to determine an income of 100 euros per year thanks to the Kelly strategy. But this is only at 200 rates, and if you make them 400 with an average profit of 5 percent. Then your income will grow by leaps and bounds and for the year will amount to 400 euros. If you count, in 5 years he will be able to make 5,000 euros.

How to choose a bookmaker for sports betting
For maximum income from each bet and determine its value, you need to have high coefficients. If you cooperate with only one bookmaker’s office, then your opportunities are limited only by its coefficients. Experienced players are advised to work with 6 offices and compare the coefficients set by them. Let them be at least two, and you can already compare the coefficients.

Some bookmakers sometimes impose restrictions on players, but there are those who welcome long-term betters. If in one office the coefficient for the victory of the conditional Real over Betis is 1.45, then in the other office it may be 1.55. And this is important. Players need to tack between offices, choosing high odds.

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