What are bonuses in bookmakers, and how to get them?

Sports betting has ceased to be something special, and has long been turned into a way of earning. There are hundreds of bookmakers, offering the opportunity to bet on almost any sporting event. Due to the great competition, many offices have introduced such a function as “bonuses in BC”. It exists to attract attention, but it should not be ignored, since there is still a benefit to the player in this function.

What is a bonus in a bookmaker
The bonus in the bookmaker is a reward that is purposefully created for the benefit of the players. For the bookmaker, the bonus is a part of the marketing action, and for the player – the opportunity to get additional benefits for yourself. Due to its presence, the bookmaker gets new customers, and players – more favorable conditions for its use. When this bonus can take advantage of any player, regardless of experience.

Such incentives do not have a dirty trick, and do not pose any danger to the player. But before receiving them, you need to carefully read what conditions the player must fulfill. For the bookmaker is not profitable to spend their own funds on customers who can at any time go to another organization. Therefore, just like that, without your own benefit, the bookmakers will not receive bonuses.

What conditions must the player fulfill in order to receive the bonus
It should be understood, the more profitable the bonus, the less favorable its conditions will be. In the list of the most common conditions for receiving a bonus are:

the need to make several bets in a row (the probability that a player will be able to win all of them is extremely small, due to which the bookmaker will refund the money spent on the bonus);
the need to put a specific amount (in this case, the player has more chances to win, but if it does not happen, the office will remain in a big plus);
the need to make bets on football or another sport with a specific coefficient (this indicator is obviously calculated so as to exclude damage to the bookmaker for any outcome);
the need to make a bonus bet on specific events (this condition is rarely encountered);
the need to make several bets with a certain coefficient (in this case it is also calculated in advance which values ​​will not constitute a danger to the office).
By giving a bonus, the bookmaker loses nothing. Players also have the opportunity to increase their income.

Types of bonuses
Not all bonuses are related to remittances to the player’s account. Many of them are provided in the form of additional benefits that the customer receives by betting. The list of the most popular types of bonus consists of:

cash bonus – in most cases, it is offered to new players upon registration (usually the bonus amount depends on the deposit amount);
money-back (refund) – return of money lost during a loss;
Freebet is a bonus in the form of a virtual amount that can only be spent on online sports bets.
Not all offices provide bonuses to players. Usually they can be found at popular bookmakers with a large customer audience. Such organizations can afford to provide the player with a large bonus without harming themselves.

use bonuses only if they are offered by little-known offices under questionable conditions. But in this case, you should first check the bookmaker’s reputation, before betting.

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