Why can not listen to the forecasts of sports commentators

One of the major mistakes of newcomers who make bets on sports is to listen to the opinion of sports commentators. For this reason, many young players lose time after time without understanding the cause of the problem. So why the predictions of people watching sports events for many years, can not be taken seriously? Read about it below.

What is the mistake of sports commentators
Sports commentator really has a lot of information. He is aware of:

what are the sports;
who plays in teams;
who trains athletes.
Commentators regularly monitor changes in the sport, because their work depends on it. But this knowledge is not enough to correctly bet on sports online. Worst of all, when sports commentators begin to give tips and predictions regarding betting. The average person watching the world of sports has a better chance of winning at the bookmakers. But this is where its benefits end.

The main mistake of many sports commentators is overconfidence. Such people give predictions with full confidence that they are right, and do not notice their mistakes in case of defeat. Most commentators find absolutely incredible arguments in favor of their mistakes, convincing the audience that their loss is an accident that will not happen again.

What should a player do
Regardless of personal experience, people who are betting on sports express need to limit communication and viewing of sports commentators’ forecasts. Their opinion may influence the decision even unconsciously.

A novice player cannot take into account the commentators’ thoughts on:

team members;
new players;
opportunities coaches.
It should be borne in mind that the words of the sports commentator are just a subjective opinion.

There is another type of sports commentators – people who specifically give incorrect predictions. Such specialists are hired by fraudulent bookmakers to mislead the player. The more customers of this office will be mistaken in the rates, the greater will be its benefit. The main task of such commentators is to collect and retain inexperienced customer base. Determining the forecaster of a swindler can be determined by how much he criticizes the work of other commentators on Internet TV, proving that they are wrong.

It is important for novice players to remember that even the smartest analyst will not be able to give an absolutely accurate prediction of a sporting event. Another’s opinion can only confuse, so you need to rely on your own knowledge. Doing the analysis yourself is quite difficult. It is a painstaking process, time consuming. But he will increase the chances of winning much more efficiently than sports commentators.

First, it is necessary to take into account that sports commentators are competent people, since they do not take up such a position in the absence of such experience. That is why they are so dangerous. Due to media popularity, they can control the opinion of a large number of people, using this feature to their advantage. This does not apply to all commentators, but for the average viewer to identify a fraudster is extremely difficult.

Secondly, the usual commentators almost always make assumptions. Therefore, if their opinion is perceived as true – this is a problem, first of all, not for the commentator, but for the viewer.

Thirdly, sports commentators are often fans who have their favorite athletes and teams. Therefore, their opinion is not always objective.

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