Why you need to keep records of rates

Keeping an account of your own rates is one of the conditions necessary for stable earnings. Players who monitor and analyze their stakes increase professionalism and probability of winning.

Purpose of accounting
Accounting in sports betting is an action performed by almost all professional players. Beginners, who consider the implementation of this task to be meaningless, are most likely to face a large number of defeats, and will not be able to consistently earn money by betting on sports online.

In each bookmaker office there are experts who record the actions of the players, and the results of their rates. Thereby:

an average percentage of wins and losses is compiled, based on which the player’s capabilities are determined;
the preliminary result from the bet made is calculated;
it is calculated how much a player can earn stably by playing sports bets in a bookmaker’s office.
These advantages of record keeping are provided for the players themselves. Statistics show that players fixing all their sports bets are less likely to lose than those who do not. Survey results show that most players refuse to keep statistics due to frequent losses. Thus, in order to reduce the percentage of unsuccessful rates, accounting is mandatory.

How to keep track of sports betting
Modern technologies make it possible to avoid written work by doing automatic calculations on a computer. Excel is the best solution for this purpose.

The data in the table are filled in as follows:

bet number and date are put;
a sporting event is recorded;
indicates a preliminary forecast;
the coefficient and the online interest rate set by the bookmaker are entered;
after the game, the result and the received finances are recorded;
on the basis of all the data, it is determined whether the player remains in the plus or minus after a sporting event.
Many players do not take into account that even after winning, they may remain in the red due to too much margin, which is collected by sites of bookmakers. When playing sports bets, you should calculate in advance what percentage of the margin the bookmaker takes. Official bookmakers rarely charge more than 5%. If the percentage exceeds this indicator, the probability of stable earnings in such an office is extremely small.

In the table you need to keep a record of not only the actions performed, but also the general results based on them. It is necessary to determine how much money is generally used at the bets during the game, how much money was won, and how this changed the total bank. Many inexperienced players choose one strategy, and continue to use it, despite the defeat. If, on the basis of the data compiled, even taking into account the victories, the total bank remains in the red, you should change the strategy.

The Excel spreadsheet is good in that it allows you to set up formulas that will calculate automatically after the introduction of new data. It also provides for the use of filters, through which you can bid by date, and determine how your own results have changed. If the results do not improve for a long time, the approach to sports betting should be changed.

An inexperienced player is quite difficult to independently create a table and keep records of rates. This problem can be solved by downloading a ready-made table on the Internet where you just need to enter your own data. Such tables are freely available. Some of them are tied to a diagram that makes it easier to navigate the results. Here is a sample table of accounting

rates in exel – download. The table will allow you to enter your data yourself and keep records of sports betting.

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